Antenatal Classes

antenatal classes
Antenatal Classes

The most crucial thing for any mother-to-be, is the safe delivery of a healthy child. At Thangam Hospital, we prepare young mothers for childbirth by imparting to them, everything they need to know, to care for the life growing inside them, making pregnancy a tranquil and joyful experience.

Babies’ growth in the womb and their size at birth, especially their length, are strikingly similar the world over when they are born to healthy, well-educated and well-nourished mothers. Oxford University research involving almost 60,000 pregnancies have demonstrated that a mothers’ educational, health and nutritional status during pregnancy are directly proportional to their babies’ chances of healthy growth, both in the womb and after.

At Thangam Hospital we provide antenatal classes that are open to all mothers-to-be, free of cost, and we encourage anyone with the slightest interest or query to attend. Every month expert doctors conduct these classes for pregnant women covering the topics below, besides also addressing any questions or fears that they may have.

These classes have been instrumental in educating expecting couples, as well as in avoiding complications both during and after delivery.

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