General medicine & Diabetology

The Department of General Medicine and Diabetology deals with the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of adult diseases like blood pressure, diabetes and various other acutechronic illnesses. Treatment is often a combination of medical intervention, lifestyle changes and diet regulations. In some cases the physician identifies a specific cause for the ailment, and the patient is referred to the concerned specialist for advanced treatment.

We provide treatment for:

The Department of General Medicine and Diabetology at Thangam is headed by:

Dr. Lejo Issac John
Dr. Lejo Issac John
MD, PGDHSc (Diabetology), MHSc (Diabetology)
Dr. R. R. Unnithan
Dr. R. R. Unnithan
MD, DNB (Medicine)
Dr. Anjana M V
Dr. Anjana M V
MBBS, DNB (General Medicine)
Dr. Balaji Tulse Dass
Dr. Balaji Tulse Dass
DNB (Gen. Medicine), PGDHS (Dip. Diabetology)

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